Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

         CAMBIOS!!!!! So this week was a great week. I’ll start with the last Monday. Well like I said the last week we were in Tuxtla to get ready for the zone leader meeting. Well we had it on Tuesday and it turned out very well. President George was saying that the mission had about 700 baptisms this year, and we’re making a goal to have 1000 baptisms this year. Later that night we started to travel home, it took such a long time because there’s a strike going on about the teachers...I don’t really understand it, but they were like blocking the roads and it took forever to get home. But we finally got home about 8:50, ten minutes until 9 and we decided to go contacting, we started to contact and we passed an investigators house and decided to teach her for about 10 minutes, we taught her how to pray and we felt the spirit very strong! We got home at 9 and we were super happy that we decided to work the last 10 minutes of the day even though we have been in Tuxtla and traveling all day! On Wednesday we worked super hard and did everything that we could! Thursday was the same. And on Friday the assistants called and said that for the changes this week you need to come up on Saturday and you need to bring all your stuff because you won’t be returning home. Wow!!!! So I spent allllll day on Friday saying good bye to the members, converts and investigators. wow! I don’t like saying goodbye its suuuper hard! Then on Saturday in the morning we had our zone capacitacion and right after we all left to Tuxtla so we could watch the temple dedication of Tijuana because it was only being shown in Tuxtla. So we all got to go to Tuxlta as a zone and it was super fun! On Sunday we watched the dedication and I got to see a ton of members from the Paraiso ward and I was SUPER happy to see them! God must really love me because I’m super lucky!! hahaha Then our zone had to return to their area and I said goodbye to Elder Fackrell! I miss him so much! He was such a great companion! And I stayed with the assistants, (which is Elder De son in the mission :D ) and they told me where I’m new area is Comalapa! hahahaha I’m super exited! It’s on the border of Guatemala. You should look it up, I’ll be traveling there tomorrow, can’t wait. My new companion is called Elder Ramos. He has about 3 months in the mission(:      ALSO today I was able to send 2 packages ! They should be getting home within 2 weeks .. or if we’re really lucky, for Christmas.  I’ll talk to ya soon(: Elder Portlock

It's called pozoli.

My generation:  I trained elder De Jesus, and he trained elder Flores and he trained Elder Moravec. and we all stared the mission in Aguilaa.

All the zone leaders

With President George

With Elder Fackrell

Whoooooo! Navidad!

The last few days in Tonala

The last time in Tonala, mi zona(:‏

Going to my new area

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