Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Well as I end another week here in the mission I was just thinking about life. I have learned a lot about life here. Its very sad to see some of the people here.  A lot of them are really poor. And people are constantly in the streets trying to sell junk.... like literally haha but estabien. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to live here and learn how to live. and also learn how to be a missionary. I have learned so much and have grown my faith muchisimo! Well I want to first say Feliz Cumpliañon to me dear Brother Orson! he turned 14 on Sunday and I am very proud of him! I wish I could talk to him and give his something but I'm here in Mexico, But I just want him to know that I love him a ton! Thank you Orson for being my brother!
   Well I've done a lot this week and have been working hard! Unfortunately when I get to writing I never know what to say, but things are doing well. We have 3 people with baptisms dates. Hopefully 1 next sabado and 2 the next. Its amazing to see there lives change! I went on cambios with elder Blackner this week the zone leader and we were is this extremely poor area right up close to the mountain. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because its very dangerous to be waving an expensive camera like mine in the area so I just kept it in my pocket, but estabien things are doing well. I met this one guy who got mad at me for being North American haha he was talking about how much he doesn't like the fact that he cant go to the u.s for a lot of reasons. I talked to him for a while that I'm not one of those Americans Norte that doesn't like Mexicans. I told him that I love the people here and that I don't agree with a lot of the border problems haha after we had a good discussion he asked me to bless his house and that he really respects me haha. oh! and another lady we contacted on the street I started talking about this Book called El Libro De Mormon! I talked a lot about the book and also who we were. WOW! she was amazed that I left my home to come to a foreign land and can barely speak the language, but that the fact that I knew that the book is true and that I'm here wanting to share it with others for 2 years was amazing to here! were gonna visit her next week and I'm exited. haha well my Language is getting better.  Not near perfect but I have noticed a lot of growth in it.  I do really well in lessons and I'm able to teach principles. My compañon Elder Muñoz only has 2 weeks left on his mission! I'm kinda sad haha! I'm gonna miss my mission papa!  Well not much is different. I've had a lot of spiritual experiences that I'm learning a lot from!  My testimony is growing because I'm seeing the fruits and blessings of the LDM flow into people's lives.  I've also seen my knowledge in the scriptures grow.  It's amazing and I know it's a book made for our day.  It is truly written by inspired prophets of old.  It's amazing to see the effects of it.  I'm so happy to be here.
     My Father asked my to give some thoughts on how scouting has helped prepare for my mission.    Ok for scouting! 1. The scout oath and law is the most important part of scouting! because It teaches one to become like Christ. Literaly. Christ is trustworthy, loyal,helpful, friendly , courteous, kind , obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave,  clean and reverent. Growing up as a scout I tried my best to be these things, and It has really helped me here on the mission because I already grew those attributes before i came here. 2. Scouting has given me a chance to try things (merit badges) and learn little things that are helpful in life. looking back at scouting I think of all the memories and I cherish them, I am so happy I learn with some brothers, scouting is a part of my childhood. 3. With scouting, little boys can get together and grow bonds, they can get together and not feel left behind. 4. With scouting I can watch my brothers grow as well, grow like I did. With scouting I can watch my brothers mature. which gives me a lot of joy. 5. scouting has helped me live here haha! living here is so much different than living in Utah but with the little things I learned as a scout, I can make things here possible. Also with first aid, knife safely. haha well I don't know what more to say, but what I like most about scouting is the scout law, if scouts would pay a lot of attention to these attributes they will learn how to walk like Jesus walked.
Con Amor Elder Portlock
In the center of the city

Eating columbiano pan and columbiano comida!

The mission board in the mission home.  Elder Munoz is the 2nd to last and I'm on the bottom the 2nd row to the right.

Eating pizza in the mission home

The mission home

A giant spider in our house!  haha

I love my area.

Cambios with lederes de zona

Teaching a lesson with the ninos!


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