Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oct. 20, 2014
This week Elder Muñoz y yo vamos a templo!, this week were going to the temple for an endowment session on Friday morning! I can’t wait to do it is Spanish haha! but ya, elder Muñoz only has 1 week left! Wow he is really excited to go home.  Well things are doing well here. I just love hearing about the family!  Tell Melissa Happy Birthday on Tuesday, I will be thinking of her all day.  Oh and for Orson’s question about Halloween, I think they do here it’s called dia de muertos, or day of the dead. haha if they do I’ll let you know how it goes. This week there wasn’t anything too big, just a lot of lessons, and memories haha, oh! We also are getting a new building closer to our area so I’m pretty excited, It’s gonna be all new and awesome! With this were getting sister missionaries in our ward which means half my area is being cut in half and given to the hermanas, haha I’m sad because I’m losing a few investigators that are preparing for baptism haha but that’s fine it means that I’ll be working up closer to the mountain where it’s really poor and, like literally... it’s kinda sketchy but I’m exited.  This Sunday, we had someone from the 70 come and speak, I didn’t get the name but it was funny to see the people in the ward because they don’t usually have high position leaders to come speak. But it was really neat, also president George came down to watch as well, so I got to talk to him. Things are doing really well down here haha, I can’t remember if I said but the drinks down here are really good, when I get back from my mission I have tons of recipes for food y drinks! AND salsa! wow! haha with that there’s also some food and drinks that I will not be taking back haha! Some drinks I don’t even know what’s in it... I just drink it and hope I’ll be safe... same with the food hahaha, sometimes I’ll find ants in the food!!! hahaha. With the water, if you want just pure water you have to ask for agua puro, because just agua here means a thousand different drinks hahaaha! Oh! This week we came home and found a huge spider! i think it was a tarantula on the wall! Well, after a few minutes of war we finally killed it...(: its crazy man! I love it here so much! I have so much to say! But like I said before I always forget what to say haha! I love you all so much! Stay strong! one more thing! haha, well as the time passes I have gained a bit of weight.... sadly I’ve slowly grown out of my suit. not completely but it is very tight on me... haha with this I now officially weigh....145....... hahahahahaha its the Tortillas here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha ill will try extra hard to work out here and stay if fit. haha well that’s just some extra news(:haha my Spanish name is Elder Hyrum Anthony Portlock Dunn, haha cause here they use both the last names from their parents and also the moms last name is the official last name here not the dads haha so I guess I’m Elder Dunn haha just kidding, but I like my new name haha
Love ya stay cool(:  Love, Elder Portlock

What I look like in the morning

Elder Schmitlein and Elder Jimenez spent the night with us because they ran out of water in there house so we have alot of beds out! haha

Tuxtla on top of my roof

A lesson

My beard I grew overnight

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