Monday, June 30, 2014

This is where I am going.

My companion here is Elder Caldwell.  He is amazing and I love him so much.  He is 5'4" just like me, so we fin in extremely well.

Wow!  What a week so far.  I have been here for 3 days now and it feels like I have been here super long already.

It has been straight class and work, work work, oh! and did I forget - work!  Every single second you're studying.

I love when I get packages.  Thanks everyone!

The spirit is so strong here.

Okay, this was just cool.

 The Spanish is so hard and I have learned a lot so far.  I'm starting to get in the habit of thinking in Spanish first and saying more words, though, I still fell like I know nothing!  Espanol es no buenos!  Elder Caldwell and I taught our first investigator named Jacob.  It was a 20 minute lesson in full Espanol.  Lets just say it was horrible.  Hahahahaha.  We couldn't understand him at all and I don't think he could understand us! 

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